What people are saying about Shuniya


“Sat Nam:
Sheri has shown a deepness in her heart, which is heard in her voice.  Her love for yoga, meditation and the Sacred Sound Current is reflected in this album.  It will make a great addition to your Yogic Music Library.”
  -- Gurmukh,
Golden Bridge Yoga, LA


"This album is a gem. Sheri mixes gentleness and power in her music.  There is time for inner reflection and meditation, and moments of pure joy and celebration.  Her ‘Ra Ma Da Sa’ is the perfect tool to raise the energy in a yoga class…or simply to sing along to in the car.  Magnificent and uplifting...Wow!"
--Sat Siri Dougherty, Yoga Teacher, Golden Bridge Yoga, LA


"Sheri Watson's richly produced music and captivating vocals interweave the ancient mantras, inspired by the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, with English lyrics, bringing forth a new, contemporary sound that awakens the Soul, harmonizes the 10 bodies, inspires courage, joy, faith & hope! Let the sounds of ‘Shuniya’ wash over your Spirit & vibrate your Being."
--Alison England Sam  (Siri Chandra Kaur,)  Principle Voice Studio/Essential Self Yoga, LA


"Shuniya is an album that is uplifting and energizing for me.  It is a CD that I played instantly after I received it and I loved it immediately. I love Kudalini yoga and I love all kinds of different music. I feel like Shuniya is going to touch the younger generation to introduce them to Kudalini Yoga. This album is very powerful for me and has touched my life in so many great ways. I can not say enough about this album except that everyone needs to hear this music and feel your spirit be lifted!! It is that wonderful! 
I love Shuniya and I can't wait until Sheri makes more music."
--Michele Wright, Kudalini Yoga Student, NYC


“Sheri Watson has created a joyous celebration of song, mantra, and rhythms in her new CD “Shuniya.”  It is truly “Mantra Beyond The Mat.”  Sheri’s lovely voice and spirit make me want to leap up and twirl with delight.  Indeed, she sings her heart-song.  Indeed, I shall dance.  Indeed, perhaps you will, too?”
--Adesh Kaur, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, GoldenBridge Yoga/Yoga West

“Shuniya is a fun-filled album, dancing with spirit. Shuniya's upbeat tempo uplifts and recharges. Shuniya grabs children's attention while helping them move to a heart-centered place. An overall fantastic, unique album.” --Michael DeNicola, Middle School Math/Science/Yoga Teacher, LAUSD

“I love Sheri Watson’s first CD ‘Shuniya.’  I play her songs often during my Yoga Brew yoga classes and afterward while we sip Yoga Brew tea. The contemporary beat and themes mix fluidly with the ancient mantras. Sheri’s voice is easy on the ears, evoking calm, grace and hope in all who listen.”
--Elissa Kerhulas, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Yoga Brew, LA


"Sheri's music puts my student in a great frame of mind. Her unique sound makes yoga a joyful experience while also honoring the ancinet mantras that are its foundation."

--Blaire Baron Larsen, Yoga Instructor K-12


"Here in Istanbul, my friends always ask me, ‘What is playing?’  Since I can play Sheri's CD when I have people over for dinner, then I begin to explain, what mantra and the naad is....I think her CD is a nice gateway for the naad and reaches people yet to embark on this journey..." 
 --Esra Banguogli, Owner, Ay-Ra Yoga, Istanbul, Turkey


“Sheri's music puts lots of happiness in my classes.  Her upbeat songs led several times the students to catch themselves "dancing" while sitting in easy pose.   And I love the fact she found a way to bring those sacred mantras to a broader audience.”
--Mohan Kaur,
EquilibriumYogaCenter, Montreal, Canada


"Ong Namo is so uplifting and this song makes me happy every time I listen to it!!" 
Onkar Kaur, Yoga Teacher,  Edwards, Colorado